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St Giles offers travelers a growing collection of centrally and strategically located, individual and inspired hotels in the heart of major cities across Asia, Australia, Europe, and North America.

Our well-appointed hotels are the hidden gems of the cities they serve, creating unique experiences that turn ordinary trips into memorable journeys. Categorized by three levels of excellence (Signature, Red, and Blue), our hotels offer true value but not at the expense of personality or service.

Like the individual facets of a precious gemstone, each hotel in the St Giles group shines with a special character all its own. And just as the gemstone is the centerpiece of any fine work of jewelry, so, too, St Giles hotels are positioned at the very core of major business and cultural hubs around the world, providing guests with the best vantage points from which to plan and enjoy their visits.

Come and explore our world. Expand your comfort zone with a St Giles experience.